Check out the latest Approval Pipeline updates

When you ask for improvements we listen! Behind the scenes, we’ve been beavering away making some substantial upgrades and now Approval Pipeline version 5 is ready.

When you upgrade to version 5 you’ll notice some cosmetic differences. For instance:

  • The action buttons are now top right
  • The dashboard now uses icons for more intuitive use
  • Your favourites can be found under a dropdown button on the Jobs window
  • There’s an expand button for each folder that reveals the tools when you click it
  • You can see more events in the info window
  • The Disclaimer is now in HTML, so looks more professional.

New features

Now you can add your Management information system (MIS) job number to an AP folders to ensure consistent cross-referencing.

The clone button will create a new folder with all the same members, with the same access and approval rights, but without the previous job’s documents. Just rename the clone and you’re ready to go.

You can set archive and delete options to specific numbers of days. When the last file in a folder is archived the folder will automatically be archived.

If you need files to remain live you can mark them as permanent so they don’t get automatically archived.

Instead of being able to see the last 30 days files, you can now see all files including archived and deleted files – with the click of the All Files button.

You can drag and drop files from your file explorer to the file management page.

You can select multiple files to upload too – as with drag and drop you’ll need to ensure they are all to be subject to the same action (approval, transfer, etc).

When you’re downloading a file, you can see a preview in a popup to ensure it’s the right one by clicking on the filename.

When a file is rejected there’s now a requirement to provide comments for the reject – i.e. a reason. Also, this text can be formatted so bold, highlights, etc can be applied to make the point.

The ‘step through’ button allows you to look at each document, alongside all the relevant information and approve or reject in situ.

Multi-page documents can now be separated into individual pages so they can be approved one-by-one, whilst remaining in the original multi-page document.

You can change your mind more easily. There’s now an undo button – but it won’t work once you’ve saved the page.

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