How to avoid email Hell

When a project needs visual material there’s artwork involved. This applies to everything from a business card to a personalised direct mail promotion and many more pieces of collateral that present business to potential customers.

In the ‘good old days’ artwork would either arrive by post or someone would have to physically travel to sign it off. Then the email came along and things got easier – and harder!

The problem with email today is that large files (and artwork often requires very large files) can get stuck in spam filters, end up in junk folders or simply vanish mysteriously into the ether.

Email can be accidentally deleted, filed before action is taken, or misfiled – never to be seen again.

Then there is the email Hell that occurs when a project goes beyond having one person at the client end and one at the print end. When you have external graphic designers, and more than one representative of the client involved, everything quickly careers off course.

People get missed off the email communication chain. Someone hits ‘reply’ instead of ‘reply to all’. One member of the client’s team approves version 5, completely oblivious to the fact that someone else has rejected it and we’re now on version 6 or 7. Then, if the approved version 5 gets printed – someone will get cross as they thought it had been turned down. An expensive problem to solve – and whose fault is it?

All these hazards slow down things down and cause stress and frustration.

In a perfect world, all this information will be in one accessible place so that everyone involved can review the progress of each project.  It avoids ‘he said, she said …’ issues, where someone got missed off an email or hasn’t seen the latest update.

You may think that this ‘perfect world’ doesn’t exist – but it does. All these issues can be solved with Approval Pipeline – that’s why we developed it. 

It’s designed with printers in mind – so everything is in one place, everyone who needs to has access – there is only one place to look for information and valuable time isn’t wasted arguing over which version was actually approved.

Are you suffering from email Hell? Contact us today to request a demo of Approval Pipeline software.

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